ROTOSOUND instrument cables partnership

We are delighted to announce that a selected range of our CoreM and CoreB instrument cables are now available to retailers in UK and Europe via ‘Rotosound’ and ‘The Music Alliance’!

Rotosound strings (established in 1958) have been ever-present on some of the most famous recordings ever heard, from The British Invasion to Punk, Metal to Grunge, they have helped artists make the music that defined their eras.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Rotosound have deleloped many custom and hybrid string sets for some of the worlds heaviest artists; Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Carcass), Paul Allender (Cradle Of Filth) and Mikey Demus (Skindred). With these hybrid gauges, these strings lend themselves to drop tuning and aggressive playing.

Rotosound strings are a trademark of Rotosound Manufacturing Ltd based in Sevenoaks, Kent. All string products are manufactured in the UK

Selected CoreM and CoreB cables are to available to retailers via Rotosounds partnership with The Music Alliance (TMA), with access to their full range of instruments and accessories totalling more than 17,000 products.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us here at the Music Cable Company; we are proud of our cables, proud of manufacturing in the UK and proud to be associated with the Rotosound brand.

The Music Cable Company: Hand Crafted, Studio Quality, Road Ready Cables

Please see for more details.

Rotosound Logo 1, Music Cable Co

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